11 Tips to Increase Your Credit Card Limit

So, you are not happy with your credit card limit that the bank has given you?  It could also happen that your bank has not increased your credit card limit automatically despite demonstrating that you can handle your credit responsibly.

Perhaps, some of you might have even ended up crossing the credit limit a few times leading to higher overdraft changes.

A higher credit card limit means higher purchasing power that you must be eagerly looking forward to. Besides, increased credit limit means your bank thinks that you pose less risk for lending, improving your credit score.

But, the million dollar question is –  how to get a credit limit increase?

Below, I have shared 11 tips that have personally helped me get to get my credit limit increased and will definitely help you as well.

#1. Use Your Credit Card For Foreign Traveling

Do you know that banks charge a foreign currency markup fee, up to 3.5%, for every credit card transaction you make outside India? This is a huge source of income for the banks and makes the foreign travelers a special segment of customers for the banks.

So, if you are a frequent foreign traveler, make use of your credit for all your spending – from food to shopping to travel to other engagements. This will automatically make you a more valuable customer for the bank, demonstrating the case for a higher credit limit.

#2. Apply for New Card with Higher Credit Limit

Applying for a new credit card with your current or with another bank is the simplest way to increase your credit card limit. When you apply for a new credit card, in most of the cases, the card issuer or the bank gives you a higher credit limit.

Since, the approval of the new credit card will depend on your CIBIL score and your present income, make sure that you are doing well on both these parameters to get an easy approval.

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Also, do remember that this strategy may not be the best thing to follow if you already have more than two or three credit cards since applying again for another credit card may negatively affect your credit score.

#3. Request For Limit Increase

While it is common to see banks automatically increase the credit card limit periodically, many times they do so upon request. So, go ahead and speak to your customer care service representative and ask for an increase in the credit limit.  You may also be able to file a request online for the same.

When you request a credit limit increase, the bank checks your CIBIL score, past records like credit card bills, your payment history, and your current monthly income. This is to check your present creditworthiness.

If you have a good credit history and are doing well on other parameters that I mentioned above, you should be easily approved.

Also, as as thumb rule, remember not to ask for too much of an increase which may cause your application to be rejected and you could end up waiting for many more months before you can reapply.

For example, asking for a 25% raise in credit limit has higher changes of getting approved than say asking for a 50 % or 100% raise. Once you get your new credit limit raised, you can reapply after some time for further increase in credit limit.

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#4. Increase Your Security(Fixed) Deposit

One of the easiest way to increase your credit limit on your card is to increase the security deposit(fixed) associated with it.  But, your current card needs to be a secured credit card ( a credit card issued against a fixed deposit) to implement this strategy.

The credit limit of your secured credit card is decided directly as the percentage of the fixed deposit, say for instance –  80% of the fixed deposit.

If your CIBIL score is poor or your payment history is not so great, increasing the security deposit amount could convince the banks of your creditworthiness.

So,  more the amount you add to  your security deposit, higher the limit your credit limit can be raised.

#5. Ask for a Credit Card Upgrade

In general, the credit limit increases once you upgrade your credit card.

So, ask your bank if you are eligible for an upgrade of your existing credit card. If you have a good payment history, getting an upgrade from your bank shouldn’t be a problem.

In addition, check with your bank and if required make a separate request for increasing your limit along with the card upgrade application.

You should also keep in mind that the annual fee for the upgraded card might be higher than  your current credit card.

#6. Use Your Card Frequently

A great way to convince your bank that you deserve higher credit limit is to use your card frequently and to repay the bill on time. If you use your credit card only once in a while, it seems like you don’t need an increase in credit limit.

Banks love customers who use their credit card for all their spendings – from shopping to groceries to utility payments  and more.  Once your financial credit foot print increases due to frequent card usage, banks will automatically take a notice and would offer to enhance your credit limit.

But do keep in mind that  overdraft or full limit utilization will harm your CIBIL credit score badly. The maximum limit utilization should be up to 70% of your credit limit.

#7. Show Your Income Increment

Income is the most important factor that banks look at when deciding the credit limit whether at the time of applying a new card or at the time of asking for a credit limit increase. It has a high weightage relative to other parameters because  the income level of the applicant represents the probability of credit bills repayment.

When banks see that you are making more income, they are more inclined to believe on your better creditworthiness.

So, whenever you get a salary increment make sure that you share it with the bank, demonstrating your case for higher credit limit.

#8. Request Limit Increase Only for your Best Credit Card

If you have multiple credit cards,  never request limit increase for all of the cards. Don’t assume that if you apply for a credit limit increase on all of your cards the chances of being approved will be greater.

It doesn’t work like that. Instead, just pick one best credit card of yours that you want to have the limit increased on.

When you request for an increase, the bank will pull your credit history to check if you are creditworthy and in that process the inquiry will be noted on your credit report and will temporarily dip your CIBIL credit score. So, more the inquiries more will be the dip in credit score.

Therefore, focus on your best credit card and make one strong case to the bank, increasing your chances of a credit limit raise.

#9. Build Your Case, Don’t be Desperate

Although banks are eager to issue credit cards and increase the credit limit to customers owing to higher profits for them, but, they would refrain from doing so if you come across as a desperate customer who is need of more money.

So, never ever ask the bank for the limit increase saying that you have an emergency and you desperately need money for paying your bills. This behavior demonstrates your bad finances and can even raise a question on your credit account.

Instead build a strong case by reminding your bank that you have been a loyal customer for X years/months, have never missed a payment, always paid the bills on time, have always paid the minimum balance or more, and so forth.

If you have a better limit on your other credit cards do let the bank know about it.

This way of building a strong case ensures that  you have a better chance of getting approved for a higher credit limit.

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#10. Don’t Make Repeated Requests

It is important that you don’t make repeated requests for credit limit increase if your initial request gets turned down.

Your credit limit increase request could have been denied for different reasons like

  • your account is too new (less than 6 months old)
  • you have a low CIBIL score
  • your current income doesn’t allow for the increase
  • you don’t pay your credit card bills on time

So, rather inquire and focus on the reason for the denial and work on fixing it. Wait a few months and once you are confident that you have taken care of the credit issue, apply for a credit limit increase.

#11. Wait for Automatic Limit Increment

When nothing works then waiting patiently will only work. Many banks review their customer’s credit card accounts periodically to determine whether they meet the criteria for a credit limit increase.

 So, meanwhile be patient and work towards demonstrating that you are credit worthy by making your payments in time and following other tips that I discussed above.
I know of many card holders who have successfully raised their credit limit by patiently waiting it out and at the same time doing everything they can to come across as a good customer.


  • Updated March 26, 2018
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