Top 3 Standard Chartered Credit Card in India 2018 Review

Updated: 15th Mar, 2018

Honestly, I am a fan of Standard Chartered Manhattan credit card (Read the detailed review). I got the my standard chartered credit card 5 years back when my salary was 60,000 per month and I had an excellent credit history. It would be difficult to get the approval of Manhattan credit card today, especially if you are first time applicant.

If I have to apply today as first time credit card user, then I would go for Platinum rewards credit card.

There is no annual or joining fees for Standard Chartered Platinum Card.

#1. Standard Chartered Platinum Credit Card Review

The biggest benefit is that Standard Chartered bank offers Platinum Rewards credit card at zero annual fees. Secondly, you get 5 reward points for every 150 points spent on fuel (worth 1% cash back).

Rewards and Offers

  • Earn 5 reward points for every Rs 150 Spent at dinning outlets
  • Earn 5 reward points for every Rs 150 Spent on fuel
  • Earn 5 reward points for every Rs 150 spent at hotels
  • Earn 1 Reward point for every Rs 150 on all other categories
  • Get 20% cash back (upto Rs 600/m on uber rides)
  • Transact within 60 days of card approval and get 1000 reward points
  • Get an additional 500 reward points on registering for online banking

No Annual Fees

  • Fees Joining fee – Nil
  • Annual fee – Nil

Quick Link to Apply for the Platinum Credit Card

Terms & Conditions

  • Reward points are only redeemable against only products, vouchers or services featured in platinum reward catalouge
  • Minimum 500 reward points required to redeem.

SCB platinum credit card reward points redemption

Standard Chartered has a beautiful portal for redeeming your points.

standard chartered rewards

Whenever, I accumulate 3400 points, I redeem for 1000 rupees Amazon voucher. I am waiting for 6800 points to appear in my account when I will redeem for 2000 rupees. You have to spend 1,00,000 rupees to gather 3400 reward points.

#2. SC Super Value Titanium Credit Card Review


You will get great saving and cashback on fuel, telephone and utility bills.

This is the only credit card that offers 5% cashback on fuel at all petrol pumps ( BPCL, IOC, HPCL or Reliance) in India.

Link to apply for StanC Titanium Credit Card

Fee & Charges

  • Joining Fee: Rs 499 ( Spend INR 30,000 in the first year & get first year annual fee waiver)
  • Renewal Fee: Rs 750 ( First year free and then spend 60,000 in second year to get annual fee waiver)

Benefits with Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card

  • 5% cashback on fuel.
  • 5% cashback on telecom payments.
  • Get 5% cashback on all utility bill payments (electricity, gas and water bill payments).
  • 1 reward point per Rs 150 spent on all other categories.

Bonus Offer

  • Make the first transaction with your card and get 1000 additional reward points.
  • Get an additional 500 reward points on registering for online banking.
  • Get 20% cashback on Uber rides ( who spend more than Rs 8000 in a month through card). Maximum cashback limit is Rs 600 pm.

Feeling Awesome!!!!!! Wait a minute and first read the limits imposed by the bank.

Terms and conditions

  • Minimum transaction value should be Rs 750 for cash back eligibility.
  • Maximum cashback per transaction is Rs 100.
  • Maximum cashback for fuel and telecom transactions is Rs 200 p.m for each category.
  • Cashback limit for utility transaction is Rs 100 p.m.
  • Total maximum cashback per month is Rs 500.

Let me simplify the calculation

Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit card review

If you spend more than the mentioned limit in a month, the excess amount will not be eligible for cashback

Reward Points Redemption Process

  • Reward points are redeemable only against only products, vouchers or services featured in platinum reward catalog.
  • Minimum 500 reward points required to redeem.

Check Your Eligibility

  • Applicant’s age should be between 21 and 65.
  • Applicant should have a stable monthly income. Due to this conditions, the salaried class applicant has more chances to get approval.
  • Applicant should belong to credit card sourcing locations of the bank.

Documents Required

  • Identity Card
  • Address proof
  • 1 passport size photograph.
  • Salaried class- latest one month salary slip
  • Self Employed Businessmen- Latest IT return with the computation of income.
  • Self Employed Professionals – Latest IT return

Should you apply for Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card?

Super Value Titanium Credit card is most beneficial for mediocre spender, whose total monthly spends lie between Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000.

On spending Rs 5000 p.m, the annual fee will be waived off ( 5,000*12 = 60,000). Otherwise, have to pay Rs 750 annual fee.

Amount spend above Rs 10,000 as per terms will not be eligible for cashback.

If your major expenses are on fuel telecom and utility bills & fit in upper mentioned limit, then you should apply for super value titanium credit card.

Comparison Between Super value Titanium Credit Card & IndianOil Citibank Platinum Card

standard chartered super value titanium credit card review

#3. Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card Review

Standard Chartered Credit Card India

I am using Standard Chartered Manhattan card for many years and I am in absolute love with it. Why? Because Manhattan card is all-rounder card for me.

I prefer to use Manhattan credit card because it gives me 5x reward points that I redeem for buying Amazon vouchers. The redemption process is just awesome on the standard chartered website.

What is the primary benefit of Manhattan credit card?

To get 5% cashback on groceries that no other credit card offers in India. You can shop in superstores like Big Bazaar, Reliance, Easyday, and More.

Manhattan credit card has probably the best reward to cash ratio that I will explain in the detail, later in this article, look at the fees structure first.

Fees and Charges of Manhattan Card

  • Annual Fees – The card comes with joining fees of 499 and annual fees of 999.
  • Reward Handling Charges – Free for online vouchers that I prefer, Rs 99 will be charged shipping physical products.

Link to Apply for Manhattan Credit Card

Now look at the calculations how I get 1% of cashback after redemption.

  • 3 reward points for every 150 rupees spend.
  • If I spend 300,000 rupees then I receive 10,000 points.
  • I redeem 3 Amazon vouchers of Rs. 1000 with approx 10,000 points.
  • Total 3000 rupees after spending 3 lakh, means 1% of value.

Also, you can get 500 rupees every month from 5% cashback on groceries. Get 6000 just by grocery spend in a year. Not bad.

A single credit card can give you 10,000 worth of cashback every year if you use it carefully.

Understand some limits when shopping in supermarkets

  • 1000 rupees Minimum transaction to be eligible for cashback (It’s not a big amount if you are buying from supermarket)
  • 150 cashback limit per transaction (Make multiple bills of 3000 if you have heavy shopper)
  •  500 cashback limit per month

I never felt any issue with these limits as my spending is within 10,000 monthly bill on groceries. 

Once you start using your credit card for all kind of transactions, the bank will waive off your annual fees.

Here is the recent proof of last year.

Standard Chartered Annual Fees Reversed

You have to call their customer support to check if they can waive off your annual fees.

Eligibility for SC Manhattan Credit Card

Only salaried people should apply or someone who already owns a premium credit card in India.

You must have an excellent credit history.

Your income should be more than 50,000 per month and you can easily get this card approved.

Quick Link to Apply for Manhattan Credit Card

In some special cases, you will get the card, even if you are not eligible

  • Apply card based on your other bank credit card. If you do not own any credit card then apply for ICICI or HDFC credit card with the help of Fixed Deposit.
  • Apply card based on your life insurance.
  • If you are frequent traveler through Emirates Airlines
  • If you are holding any loan from Standard Chartered Bank


If you are applying for the first time and if you have your monthly salary of 50,000 then you should apply for Platinum Card.

Here is the link to apply for SC Platinum Credit Card

If you already have any credit card from any bank, then apply for Manhattan Credit Card.

  • Updated March 15, 2018
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